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Prv. Maintenance - Harvey - Chemiclave



Preventative Maintenance


The following suggestions will help Chemiclave users prevent needless service calls and/or repairs.

A. Use Only Vapo-Steril Solution and store solution separately from other liquids to prevent inadvertent filling of reservoir with a foreign liquid. USE OF ANY LIQUID OTHER THAN VAPO-STERIL MAY PREVENT STERILIZATION AND MAY SEVERELY DAMAGE THE AUTOCLAVE,

B. Always line the instrument tray with chemically pure Harvey Tray liners. Certain papers (such as paper towels) contain paper processing impurities and may stain or cause deposits in the tray and chamber if used as liners,

C. Clean the tray at least weekly with Harvey Metal Cleaner to remove stains and prevent build-up of foreign deposits.

D. Use Harvey Metal Polish on external surfaces daily to prevent residue accumulation.

E. Check the door gasket periodically for cuts or wear to anticipate leaks and loss of Vapo-Steril Solution. Replace the door gasket yearly as a prevenative measure.

F. Do not leave the door latched when not in use. Unnecessary pressure will shorten the life span of he door gasket.


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