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Scican Statim 7000 autoclave / sterilizer

Scican Statim 7000 autoclave / sterilizer
Brand: Scican
Product Code: Statim 7000
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"We do not sell any Scican products to Dentists as we are a medical dealer only, call for more details"

The newest member of the STATIM family features the most exciting innovations in the industry. Medical practices, tattoo, piercing and other body art studios can now enjoy all the advantages of a chamber autoclave combined with next generation STATIM technology.

Built for the highest turnaround efficiency, the STATIM 7000 is the ultimate in speed and capacity. It exceeds the overall throughput of most conventional autoclaves, making it the perfect choice for any busy practice. In addition, the 7000 has the ability to accommodate instrument cassettes up to 8" x 11" in size.

12 minute unwrapped cycle
15 minute wrapped cycle
12 minute Dri-TecS drying technology
Operates on tap water
Sterilizes up to 10 pouched packages
Holds two 8"x11" instrument management cassettes
RFID seal technology
Easy serviceability
Removable water reservoir

SciCan's unique Dri-TecS drying technology produces outstanding drying performance through the use of super heated steam, an industry first. The STATIM 7000 injects thermal energy carried by steam into the cassette, the energy is transferred to the instrument load, evaporating remaining moisture. This unique drying system allows the 7000 to dry pouched loads in as little as 12 minutes.

Additionally, unlike many common conventional autoclaves that utilize open door drying, the STATIM's sealed cassette allows for closed drying without compromising the load during the cycle.

Tap Water: Employing SciCan's proprietary filtration system, the STATIM 7000 reservoir can be filled directly from the tap, eliminating the need to buy distilled water.

Serviceability: The STATIM 7000 has been designed to never leave your office. Its simple modular construction with engineered easy-access cover, enables immediate on-site service to ensure you're always up and running.

Direct to Drain Capability:  The STATIM 7000 now allows you to plumb the condensation bottle directly to drain. This valuable time saving feature will provide you with additional peace of mind.
Communication:  Let the STATIM 7000 interact with you. Using an industry first technology the STATIM 7000 cassette is equipped with a Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) tag to log the cycle data and alert you in advance whenever the seals needs replacing.

01-110288S Cassette complete
01-110295S Cassette seal & O-ring kit
01-110296S Cassette O-ring kit
01-110290S Cassette lid
01-110289S Cassette tray
01-110301S Instrument rack for pouches
SCWF1 Water filter for tap water (single)
SCWF6 Water filter for tap water (6 pack)
01-110293S Reservoir complete
01-110328S Reservoir lid
01-110327S Reservoir seal kit
01-110506S Waste bottle kit
01-110299S Waste & condenser bottle kit

Unit size (L x W x H):  23.8" x 22.1" x 10.7" or 60.5cm x 56.1cm x 27.1 cm
Cassette external dimensions (includes handles): 19.4"x9.6"x3.1" (49.4 cm x 24.3 cm x 7.8 cm)
Cassette internal dimensions: 13.7" x 8.6" 2.5" or 34.7cm x 21.9 cm x 6.4 cm
Sterilization Chamber Volume: 6.3 L / 1.66 gal.
Weight: 93 lbs / 42 kg
Power: 208-240VAC, 50 / 60 Hz, 15 A

Unwapped: 3.5 Minutes sterilizing time / 134C / 12 Minutes total cycle time
Wrapper: 3.5 Minutes sterilizing time / 134C / 15 Minutes total cycle time
Rubber: 30 Minutes sterilizing time / 121C / 37 Minutes total cycle time

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