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Our Process

The Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions Way!


Because your career demands giving the absolute best care to your patients, we at Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions take the extra steps to ensure the highest quality for all of our refurbished sterilization equipment.

Our refurbishing process starts with our 30-point overhaul process with our teams of expert technicians focusing on the structural, cosmetic, and internal components of each sterilizer unit. Through many hours, taking their time to systematically refurbishing and/or replacing every component, including the critical electrical parts, the integrated plumbing, as well as the brass housing. Once each component is working properly, we pressure clean every part so that everything looks, feels, and functions as it did in its original form.

To further complete our scrutinizing refurbishing process, every sterilizer undergoes precise recalibrations in order to meet all factory specific pressure vs. temperature guidelines. And unique to Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions, every chamber and reservoir assembly undergoes our intense realign, reclaim, and renew process. To accomplish this critical step, we use special sterilizer chemicals to bring all chambers and reservoirs to their original state.

As a final process, our master technician run-tests every sterilization unit for multiple hours. Only if it passes this stage is the equipment certified as a Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions sterilizer. And only then is it eligible for shipment to you.

With our inventory of over 150 Sterilizers in stock we are proud to provide a no no-sense product.  We LOVE what we do and it shows in each an every sterilizer we produce.

Certified 6 Month Warrranty:

Your patients deserve equipment guaranteed to work. And in the unlikely even there is a problem, you deserve a warranty that’s comprehensive, simple, and quick.

That’s just how confident we are about our rebuilt and refurbished sterilization equipment. Rather than hiding behind a weak warranty that doesn nott benefit the end user, Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions gives all of our equipment our Certified 6 Month Warranty. For three full months, if any part fails on one any of our sterilization equipment, we will provide 100% parts and service at zero cost to you.

Seamless Shipping Direct to You:

With our strict attention to quality control from our veteran team of shipping professionals, you can be sure that the very product you ordered is the exact product you will receive on time and in Grade A condition.

The exceptional track record for shipping we have at Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions starts long before your sterilization products leave our facilities. Our master technician puts every product through many hours of thorough run-testing to guarantee your equipment works flawlessly.

Only after your sterilization product passes this demanding step and quality certified by our master technician is it finally eligible to leave our warehouse. In addition, our team of shipping professionals takes extreme care to custom pack your equipment to ensure that it arrives to your location at 100% quality.

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