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Troubleshoot - Pelton and Crane - Delta 8 - 10


Trouble Shooting Guide




Mineral buildup on chamber wall or water spots on chamber and contents.

Minerals in water or on contents (using tap water).

Clean with Omni-Cleaner Plus® (part no. 30 06 934) following instructions on bottle. Scrub chamber with Bon-Ami® or Scotch-Brite®. Use distilled water only.

Unit takes an excessive amount of time (over 20 minutes from a warm start) to reach required sterilization temperature.

Load too large. Steam pushing out air too slowly.

Leak in valves.

Remove some packages/articles for faster steam flow.

Call authorized service representative.

Moisture evident in packs or wraps after drying cycle.

Overloaded chamber. Chamber tilted forward resulting in water left in chamber after venting. Fill line filter (inside chamber) clogged or not properly installed, resulting in too much water remaining in chamber after venting.

Drying time not adequate for load. Drying air intake filter clogged. Drying pump not operating properly. Unit run without preheating.

Follow "Preparation and Loading" nstructions. Level unit properly. Refer to "Installation Instructions," page 12 for proper unit leveling procedure. Clean filter in ultrasonic cleaner. Adjust fill line filter to center bottom of chamber. Replace if air and water cannot freely pass through filter.

Increase drying time. (see Programming)

Call authorized service representative.

Call authorized service representative.

Wait 30 minutes to start sterilizing cycle after power

is turned on.

Wet layer in pack.

Inadequate drying air penetration due to tight pack wrapping or condensation from packs.

Inspect pack for proper wrap. Basins, kits and other utensils should be prepared as individual packs.

/ J \ Caution: Use only approved packs.

Water collects in bottom of chamber when unit is not in "Fill" cycle.

Leaking fill/solenoid valve. Hole in condensing coil.

Call authorized service representative. Call authorized service representative.

Unit drips on counter from door during cycle.

Debris on gasket or door ring. Cut in gasket.

Clean gasket and door ring or replace gasket if cut.

Water comes out of fill opening on top of case when unit vents to reservoir.

Reservoir overfilled.

Cracked condenser tube causing turbulence under fill opening.

Drain some water. Fill to bottom of openings in fill cup.

Replace condenser tube.

Unit will not turn on.

No power to wall receptacle. Master power switch is not turned on.

Defective electronics.

Reset building circuit breaker.

Be sure main power switch/circuit breaker on back of unit is on.

Call authorized service representative.

Dark stains on instruments.


Cold sterilization residue. Chlorine stains.

Do not mix dissimilar metals in the same package. Separate carbon steel, aluminum chrome and brass from stainless steel trays by using a tray liner.

Wash thoroughly before loading.

Do not use toweling or packaging which may contain chlorine bleach residue.

Chamber surfaces become cracked.


NEVER use chlorine cleansers or materials in chamber. Wrapping materials should not be cleaned with chlorinated bleaches. Use only distilled water. Call authorized service representative.

Unit clicks, but no display; unit shuts off intermittently in mid-cycle.

Malfunctioning connector cable.

Call authorized service representative.

Door leaks on 10 inch autoclave.

Lip of tray rest is in front of the water dam.

Place lip behind water dam.

Instruments become rusted or stained.

Minerals and metals in reservoir or chamber.

Use only distilled or deionized water for auto-claving. Clean and flush reservoir/chamber.


Trouble Shooting Guide




Positive biological indicator

Insuffcient steam penetration.

Wrong type of biological indicator for this sterilizer, wrong cycle used or biological indicator has expired.

Reduce load weight or check if load is packed properly.

Check bioligical indicator instructions to make sure indicator is for a gravity type sterilizer. Check that indicator is correct; one for cycle times and temperatures being run. If necessary, contact your biological indicator representative.

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