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Troubleshoot - Scican - Statim Hydrim



Possible Causes and Solutions

Instruments are not clean

• Do not overload cassettes or instrument baskets.

• Do not load too many cassettes into the Hydrim.

• Use the Heavy Duty cycle for cassettes and hinged instruments.

• Check filters and wash arms for debris.

Touchscreen / Unit does not come on

• Ensure that the power button is turned ON.

• Ensure that the plug is properly inserted into the wall socket.

• Check if a fuse or circuit is blown - call service for assistance.

The wash arms do not rotate

• Remove the wash arms, clean and reinstall them.

The door cannot be opened

• The cycle is not complete.

• The cycle was aborted and the unit has not completed draining yet.

Operating cycles appear to be taking too long to complete

• The water is not hot enough. Check that the incoming hot water temperature is in the recommended range.

• Check that the hot and cold hoses are not reversed.

"No detergent" message comes on when there is still chemical left in the container

• Check for a kink in chemical tubing.

Drying Performance is inadequate

• Increase the drying time (user menu).


Error Messages




CF1 Water Heating failure

The water does not reach the required temperature in the specified time

Call for service.

CF2 Chamber Filling Failure

The water does not fill the chamber within the specified time.

Check that the water hoses are not kinked. Open the water shut-off valves.

CF3 Chamber temperature reading failure

Faulty sensor.

Call for service.

CF4 Draining failure

Water cannot drain from the unit.

Check that the drain hose is not kinked. Check that the filter in the bottom of the chamber is not obstructed.

CF9 Software or PCB Failure

Cycle length is more than 2hr 30 min.

Call for service.

CF11 No detergent

Flow switch did not detect detergent during wash phase.

Replace detergent box if empty.

If the problem persists, call for service.

CF14 Fault Flow


Flow switch is stuck closed.

Call for service.

CF15 Chamber overflow

Overflow switch did not turn off after 30 sec of running the drain pump.

Check if drain is blocked; Call for service.


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