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Troubleshoot - Sterident - Thermo Rplmt Guide

Steri-Dent Sterilizer Models 200 & 300


Instructions for Replacing Thermostat:

1)  Disconnect the sterilizer from the power source.

2)  Loosen the set screw which holds the thermostat dial in place.

3)  Pull off the thermostat dial and then remove the 3” recessed cover.  Unscrew the terminal wires.

4)  Remove nuts and screws which fasten thermostat to the sterilizer chamber.
Note:  The Model 200 has a clamp on the front screw which serves to hold the heating element in place; retain this clamp and all the screws and nuts.

5)  Install new thermostat with the shaft closest to the front of the unit (as the old thermostat was installed) and fasten thermostat to the chamber (using the nuts and screws from steps 3 & 4).  On a Model 200 be sure to reinstall the clamp (step 4) under the nut on the front screw.

6)  Reattach the terminal wires and install the recessed cover.

7)  Turn the thermostat shaft to the right (clockwise) as far as it will go.  Reattach the dial with the number “9” aligned with the marker on the cover.

8)  After tightening the set screw on the dial, align the number “7” with the marker.  The thermostat has been calibrated at the factory for approximately 320 °F (160 °C) at a setting of “7”.

9)  Plug the unit back into the power source and turn the timer to HOLD. After approximately 45 minutes, verify the thermometer reads between 320 °F (160 °C) and 330 °F (165 °C).  If not, adjust the thermostat dial.  Decreasing the dial setting will lower the temperature setting.  Allow the temperature 10 minutes to stabilize between adjustments.


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