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Clean chamber

After every 25 cycles

4 ozs. Omni-Cleaner PlusĀ® per 64 ozs. distilled quality water (water with 0-5 PPM dissolved solids) water.

See "Cleaning Procedures" on pg. 24.

Door gasket


Inspect and clean using Omni-Cleaner PlusĀ® or mild detergent and water. Check for leaks and have leaking gasket replaced.

! WARNING: Leaking gasket could result in harm to the operator because of escaping steam.

Call authorized service representative for replacement gaskets.

NOTE: For proper operation use only our replacement parts available through authorized service dealers.

Door latch


Inspect latch mechanism for signs of wear or improper closure.

Call authorized service representative if improper closure or signs of wear are noted.

Bio Indicator


Conduct testing using biological spore test indicator as described in "Operation, Sterilization Assurance."

If test fails, do not use other items in with that load. Ensure that "Important Sterilization Practices" and "Preparation and Loading" sections in this manual have been followed. Retest using an empty chamber, then retest with properly packaged and loaded chamber. If test still fails, discontinue using sterilizer and contact an authorized service representitive.

Door switch


With door open, attempt to start cycle. If door alarm does not appear on alarm display, door switch is defective or requires adjustment. Unit should not operate.

Call authorized service representative.

Boiler ring


Inspect for deposits.

Clean using non-chlorinated pad which contains no metals.

Operation check


Perform test described on pg. 36.

Call authorized service representative if failure occurs.

Water filters


Remove filter in chamber. Put filter in unltrasonic cleaner. Scrub with small soft brush under running water and replace filter. When replacing, make sure filter in chamber touches center bottom wall of chamber to ensure proper draining.


Air filter

Every Service Call


Inspect air filter for cracks and loose tubing connections. Replace Filter

Have service representive remove the cover and inspect.

Call authorized service representive.

Safety valve ring

Every 3 months

Manually pull ring (located on upper rear of chamber) when chamber pressure reaches 121 kPa. When pressure is relieved, valve automatically retracts.

! WARNING: When ring is pulled on safety valve with unit under pressure, steam is discharged from the chamber straight down the pipe at high temperature. When you pull ring, steam exits out bottom. Make sure path is clear and that your hand is out of the way.

If valve does not open or does not completely seal off after operation, turn off "Power" and call authorized service representative for replacement.

Note: For detailed service instructions, refer to autoclave Service Manual.


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